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About Us

Shamrock Craft is an Australian family owned and run craft company. Based in Blackburn in Victoria, the Shamrock Craft brand has been operating for more than 30 years.

What began as a small craft shop 30 years ago has grown to include a modern distribution centre. Carrying more than 8,000 products, Shamrock has a reputation for continuous and cost-effective supply and maintenance of stock.

We believe that creating should be fun & memorable, reflecting the uniqueness of each individual. To cater for different trends & projects we offer a huge range of basic yet inspirational craft materials - imagine visiting one wholesaler and being able to buy all your crafts from the ONE business .... This is our Shamrock goal!

We supply over 3000 re-sellers that include independent retailers, chain retailers, wholesalers, school suppliers, home craft businesses and non-craft related businesses such as event organisers, display companies and production houses.

We offer flexible Ordering Systems including online, EDI, email, fax or phone and direct to agents.

Our factory outlet shop is open Monday to Friday - 9am to 4.30pm.  End of season specials & samples are available at our outlet shop - everyday items are available at your local craft store.